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COVID-19 precautions
COVID-19 Precautions 1024 600 Wilmington Senior Center

COVID-19 Precautions

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, the Wilmington Senior Center has taken precautionary measures to protect your health, safety and overall well-being. The following are the new guidelines for entering, visiting or…

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Debt Settlement
Be Cautious of Debt Settlement Companies 1024 683 Wilmington Senior Center

Be Cautious of Debt Settlement Companies

A debt settlement plan can cost more and hurt your credit. Debt settlement companies are different from nonprofit credit counseling organizations. The companies often claim they can make a deal…

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WSC Caregiver Support
Grandparent & Caregiver Update 1000 800 Wilmington Senior Center

Grandparent & Caregiver Update

The Grandparent and Caregiver Resource Center is proud to let the members of the Wilmington Senior Center and surrounding community know that great things will be happening in the Grandparent…

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