The Caregiver Resource Center



The Caregiver Resource Center provides core services that include case management, information and assistance/referrals, education, and access to services and assistive technologies that support individual caregivers at any point along the continuum of caregiving. Program support will enable their loved one to age-in-place in the community. The support group addresses many concerns and stressors of the caregiver as they care for their aging and chronically ill loved ones.

The Resource Center Includes:

  • Dedicated area for caregiver consultation and display, lending and distribution of materials in diverse formats for caregivers.
  • Computers with internet access and telephones available for caregiver use
  • Contract administration and financial management
  • Weekly support group for relative caregivers
  • Monthly food distribution for relative caregivers
  • Financial coaching for interested caregivers through the $tand By Me 50+ financial empowerment program