The Grandparent Resource Center



The Center provides:

  • Assistance to overcome the new financial challenges
  • Housing assistance
  • Legal guidance
  • Legal guidance
  • Peer support group meetings
  • Monthly educational programs
  • Social engagement activities
  • Meditation and spiritual enlightenment programs

What People are Saying…

Grandmother is raising 5 grandchildren with her spouse. She is disabled, having a diagnosis of lupus and general anxiety disorder. Her husband, is also disabled, managing the challenges of paralysis of his right side, narcolepsy, and declared legally deaf as of 2010 due to a rare blood infection. Both grandparents are unemployed and have very little income. They are currently undergoing foreclosure proceedings due to their restrictive incomes. Due to limited resources, for the past two years both grandparents have been unable to provide anything for the children for the holidays as well as birthdays. These children were left to the care of their grandparents due to abandonment by both parents as well as challenges with substance abuse. As a grandparent parenting for the 2nd time around and with little resources available, she tries her best to provide not only a safe haven for the children but an environment of love, stability, and guidance.  

Hearing about the center by word of mouth, this grandparent initially contacted the Wilmington Senior Center with general inquiries into our supportive services. What she found was so much more. She has found a sense of family and community within the weekly Grandparent Support Group meetings, both she and the children have participated in our monthly evening Grandfamilies event where they are served a hot meal, gained helpful information through educational workshops, and met other families for healthy and supportive social interactions. We have aided her with financial coaching and linkages to outside community intervention resources to get her mortgage back in good standing. Through the generosity of local donations, the Wilmington Senior Center was able to supply her family a Holiday food basket and gift card.

Despite the circumstances, past and present, this grandparent has not faith and hope for better. The center has been a beacon of compassion, support, and much needed assistance for this family and because of this, she has gained a sense of empowerment, knowledge, and joy.


For more information, contact:


(302) 651-3420