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Grandparent Resources

Grandparent Resource Center: Life Rewarding
If you’re a grandparent or older relative raising children today, a generation of change in your energy, family relationships and the culture can make your role dramatically different than when your own children were growing up. That doesn’t mean it’s any less rewarding. Quite the contrary. But it does mean there are both blessings and challenges.
With this in mind, the Wilmington Senior Center created the Grandparent Resource Center in 1997 to support the growing number of grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. Today, more than 8,000 families in Delaware are headed by grandparents or relative caregivers.
The Grandparent Resource Center is dedicated to the empowerment of these relative caregiver families and the children they’re raising. The Center provides information and referrals; individual care management; weekly peer support group meetings; monthly educational programs; and help finding resources and services to strengthen families.
Although there are many sources of information in the community for parents, our Grandparent Resource Center is dedicated solely to offering services for individuals who are parenting for the second time around. The Grandparent Resource Center helps grandparents and other caregivers cope with today’s concerns while working toward brighter tomorrows for themselves and the children in their care.
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